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About us

Why Choose C&S Cabs & Stones?

C & S Services, LLC - Cabs and Stones is located at 8813 Waltham Woods Road, Suite 301 in Parkville, Maryland. It is a small Family business that cuts Cabochons for Jewelry makers and other clients.  We also have a rock shop with finished goods for sale.  We love what we do and sharing the beauty of Stones with people at a reasonable and fair price.  New stones are cut every week and posted for sale as time allows.

We also do custom cutting so please feel free to reach out if you have a custom need, we would love to help you!

We started this journey quite some years ago with a simple "Hey let's go mining, it might be fun" from my husband, Steve, and it has grown into a love of all things rock for Courtney (me), I do all the Cabochon cutting and slabbing myself. I also do the marketing, packaging and shipping of each item. 

Everything is done with a lot of love from my heart to your home. Quite a few clients have become friends and that just makes all this even more special for me.  I truly love each stone and each client, I am very blessed to be able to do what I love today and have an abundance of gratitude and appreciation for all of you that support my business!!

Women Owned & Operated

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Client Opinions

The quality of my stones purchased were just amazing. Beautifully polished and finished, the care that has gone into creating the final product is obvious. Customer service exceptional - friendly, knowledgeable and approachable.

Highly recommend.

Kris Chandler

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